Changing the way you
interact with the world

the new platform

We are on a mission to fundamentally change the way you work, play, and interact with other people and the world around you. To achieve this we are changing your perception of the world, and what you previously thought was possible. We’re using everyday cameras in smartphones and creating lenses that alter the way your camera views the world in front of you. It creates such a vast scope for creativity, education, and marketing we wanted to create a way for users to add and extract value from this new perception, so we created tokens.

Users are at the
heart of the platform

These give users the ability to monetise their efforts and extract real value from the augmented world. Blockchain technology, as a decentralised system, completely removes the need for intermediaries. The individual members and businesses will automatically curate the world just by using it. Users are at the heart of our platform, and the community they represent is our single biggest driving factor. It really is at the core of everything we’ve created.


We envision a world where augmented reality is no longer viewed as a cool technology or bolt-on, but just an everyday part of our existence. Invisible layers of data increasing productivity and convenience, enhancing our daily lives, improving reality.


Our vision is to make reality programmable

We are making a revolutionary new environment that will change the way we work, play and communicate. The next generation of the computer platform, where the information around us is displayed in friendly, familiar metaphors of the real world. We switch attention from the phone to the world itself.
Creating a programmable reality will fundamentally change the way we work, play, and interact. Spatial computing allows us to achieve this in an intuitive way that will seamlessly blend with the real world. It’s time to stop looking down at devices, and to start looking up and discovering your own version of reality.


Using crypto in real world

Crypto-currencies are growing in popularity. Crypto enables us to break free from banks, create distributed trust among people, and build a whole new culture of interaction. Now we are on a journey to bring this to the physical world. It was of fundamental importance to us to build an environment that lacked the middle man and does away with the delays and charges. We believe the decentralised approach is better for our community and makes businesses more likely to adopt crypto as an accepted form of payment.

No boundaries and intermediators between objects, artists, art and a person

The technology the platform is built upon ensures all its possibilities are open to everyone. People are free to interact with objects and other people unencumbered. It’s the most direct form of digital communication.


The community will curate itself just by participating. They are at the heart of everything that happens. The level of interaction on this scale provides an unprecedented ability to create, share, and earn while participating.

Blockchain and decentralization

The use of blockchain helps to ensure the augmented world stays decentralised. This protects it from manipulation from any single bad actor, and also prevents any corporate interests gaining a monopoly over any particular aspect of a users reality.

Connect the real and digital world

Digital devices are often criticised for drawing our attention away from the real world. This new age will see the dawn of a combination that consists of the best of digital and physical reality into one seamless view.

No attention switch

Users won’t need to keep switching their attention between a device and reality. Whether they are looking at instructions, exploring somewhere new, or simply taking a walk, everything they need will be layered on top of their physical reality.

Smart cities and affordances

Imagine a single city with all these features and this level of accessibility. It would be the easiest and most fun city to navigate on the planet. Now imagine the whole world in the same way.

New economy and tokenization

This reality will be self sustaining in every way, including economically. By giving users the ability to earn tokens and make purchases based on their interactions and creations, the AR crypto-economy will create a user driven financial structure where everything can be tokenized.