Now your story has no limits for expression

For developers

Digital environment

With a powerful SDK and API, Hyperlens will attract developers from different backgrounds and with different skill-sets and interests. They’ll have access to the full potential of the Hyperlens platform, making the only limiting factor their imagination.

Independent developers will have an accessible and powerful way to engage within the AR world. Demand and possibility will drive them to produce their own applications, learning new skills and expanding possibilities in the process.

Professional AR developers and development studios will have access to new toolkits that turn the virtual world into their playground. They’ll have the framework to create new applications, Lenses, and objects for independent projects and for partnerships with brands.

Art and design

Hyperlens opens up a completely new platform for designers to showcase their skills. From commercial projects to creating new art forms, the creative community will literally have the power to modify reality in new and exciting ways.