New ways to invest in augmented reality

Organic spread

From the small fee for placing a digital object in the AR space, to third party businesses using the space to sell services and goods, the currency will be in demand
and fluid.

Transform spaces around

Brands and users can customise their space according to their own preferences or goals. Users will be able to create custom lenses that overlay or provide content in the AR world. Other users can then search, download and apply the lens to their own device. Providing third party developers with the full potential of the Hyperlens platform will create a thriving market for custom lenses.


Beginning of growth

While many of the transactions will be for small amounts, the growth in the number of users makes the overall figures impressive. Even conservative estimates predict a sector that will be worth more than $100 billion within three years. Deloitte estimate the AR/VR market will be worth $160 billion by 2020, while IDC came in slightly lower at $143 billion. Digi-Capital was the most conservative of the three, and even they predict a market worth $108 billion by 2021, with AR accounting for 79 percent of the market.

The vast majority of the market growth will initially happen in developed countries, with Canada, Central and Eastern Europe, and the United States all experiencing growth between 120 and 150 percent.

Growth of the market

160 billions

by 2020

60 billions


Deloitte estimate the AR/VR market

Ways for

Scan-to-Unlock on the go

Businesses, organisations, and events will be able to engage users by placing QR codes in the desired location. Simply scanning the code will apply the lens, allowing users to experience the desired reality immediately. This could be used for promotions, giveaways, game participation, or simply to add value to a customer’s experience.

There are at least two ways this approach can be monetised. Brands who use AR as part of the offering can charge users to activate a lens. While promotional lenses will remain free, a game release or mobile app can add additional value in the AR space.

Sponsored Lenses

Sponsoring a lens is an effective way to reach millions of users. It enables advertisers to prompt action inside the app. They can add a button that takes users directly to the product’s webpage or further information. It can also be used to install an app or play a promotional video.

Integration with a blockchain layer means payments can be made seamlessly from within the AR world. A virtual object can be purchased in real time, while a physical product can be dispatched to the user’s address. The cost of sponsorship will vary depending on the day of the week, national holidays, and current trends. This represents a large source of income for Hyperlens.

Discover ads and
fee based interaction

Advertising within AR has exploded in recent years, with over 70 million users engaging with lenses every day it’s an effective way to reach customers. Bigger brands opt for ‘Discover’ ads that receive premium placement.

In AR advertising will be a major source of revenue for Hyperlens. Fee based interactions will monetise actions in a similar way to how Google’s AdSense has with click throughs. Any brand can place digital objects within the Augmented world. These may be integrated in their own Lens or distributed within the default Lens, so that every user has access to them. Whenever a user interacts with these objects in a relevant way, Hyperlens will receive a small fee from the object creator.